Hmong manufacturing, Inc. - Specializing in custom fabrication Hmong manufacturing, Inc. - Specializing in custom fabrication
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Established in 1992, by founder Her Vang, Hmong Manufacturing, Inc. is a minority family owned and operated business located in the Heart of America in Kansas City, Kansas.

Her Vang who is Hmong, immigrated to the United States in 1980 from Thailand as a refugee due to the Vietnam War. After the United States pulled out of Laos in 1973, the Hmong people were being persecuted by the Laos Communist Government for their major role in helping the United States fight the secret wars in Laos during the Vietnam War. After spending many years in the jungle of Laos fleeing from Communist Soldiers, Her was orphaned by the aftermath of the war and fled to Thailand where he found refuge.

Shortly after arriving in the United States, Her discovered that he had a talent with wood work. Her’s ambitious enthusiasms working with wood led him to Plastic, and the beginning of a passionate career.

The company began in a family garage bending and gluing products for small businesses in the Kansas City area. Now the business has grown into a major fabrication production manufacturer of acrylic products.

Her’s objective is “I want to provide my customers with a product that’s not only well-designed and functional but affordable.”

Hmong's business philosophy is “Whatever you and your company envision in your products, Hmong Manufacturing, Inc can make it. We strive to bring out the customer’s ideas and transform them into an aspiring product that enhances not only the customers’ vision but adds to the consumer purchasing experience.”